2042 - Burn Black Long Sleeve + CD


2042 - Burn Black Long Sleeve + CD

This Bundle Includes:
2042 CD
Burn Black Long Sleeve
Digital Download of album on release date
Instant tracks 'BLK XMAS', 'The Cult Of Eschatology' and 'Cataclysm' automatically downloaded upon purchase of bundle

Track List:
1. Three Minutes of Hate
2. The Lion and the Lamb
4. By the Time I Get to Pennsylvania
5. Aylanoor
6. Cataclysm
7. The Cult of Eschatology
8. Unhinged
9. The Universal Corrective Map of the World
10. Rooz va Aftab

Album Release Date is October 12th 2018
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Burn Long Sleeve Black : Long Sleeve Shirt